The Awakening Light​​​

"Empowering Health, Healing, & Awakening"



A state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being


An improvement in health


Becoming aware of, and more connected with, our spiritual nature

It all starts with an intention...

...what's yours?

Stress reduction?   We got you.

Feeling better in your body?  We have many ways to support you.

Spiritual awakening?   Great, that's our passion too!

Our mission is to empower your path of Health, Healing, & Awakening by offering:

~ Live and virtuaworkshops in the following topics:

 breathing exercises (pranayama)

energy balancing exercises

 yoga and movement 

energy healing

crystal healing



......and more!

~Products which support Health, Healing and Awakening including:

guided meditations

Sacred art to uplift and inspire

nutritional supplements

~Private healing sessions in Sedona, AZ :

modalities offered:

Massage Therapy

Energy Balancing

Crystal Healing

Sound Healing

 And our signature Awakening Light Sessions

(integrating all of the above modalities to support your next level of healing and awakening)


featuring a wide variety of products which support health, healing, and awakening

Online courses